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Quality Control
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We always insist on high quality orientation,the quality control is the most important during mass production. So on every process, we have one PQC person do inspection. Such as die casting forming process, we have to do FAI before we do mass production for every new die.(If the dimensions and cosmetic is ok accordancing to inspection standard, we can make mass production. If not, we have to adjust machine and reset parameter and so on. PQC do sample inspection per half hour during production.)

We have to calibrate high precision go/no go gauge (such as thread gage, plug gage and so on) per month. We immediately scrap it if it is bad. We also have some special instrument to do checking if the product have some special requirement(Such as withstanding push force, concentricity and so on). We base on Business Concepts "quality is life line of company". We believe we can get your approval for our efforts.

Leakage Test Machine
Depth indicator
Measure concentricity
Measure withstanding force
Micrometres Diameter Measure
Digital vernier caliper
Vernier caliper
Fixture Checking
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