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Jishui County Chief Yuan and Entourages
Title: 2012-4-15 0:11:58    Author: admin
On the morning of April 10, Jishui County Chief Mr. Shouwang Yuan and other 9 officers visited our company. Accompanied by Mr. Chunhai Li, president of Jingjing Goup, Deputy GM Ningliang Zhang, Chunping Li, etc. visited the workshop and office area of Zhangzhou Haikun Metal Goods Co., Ltd, which the subsidiary of Jingjing Group. President Chunhai Li introduced operation status to Magistrate Yuan respectively on the group size and development trategy. Through this inspection, the leadership of the Jishui County got well known about the Corporation’s economic strength and corporate culture. Magistrate Yuan also fully affirmed the good prospects of the Group, and look forward to Jingjing-Jishui project starting at an early, to play the economic benefits as soon as possible. So contribute to the economic development of the Group as well as Jishui County, and ultimately achieve a WIN-WIN.

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